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Tenterden Tornados 69 Saints B 62

Venue: Tenterden

Date 18/10/2010

Tenterden 69 B Team 62


Saints B team affected by absence on a Monday night which historically people have found difficult to get to games, found their scratch team matched against a Tenterden side bursting in numbers with some good young talent. During the first half Saints kept in contention but could never find the extra gear they needed to edge in front. The first half ended with Tenterden ahead on 34-27. Saints then won the third quarter 20-16 but were still lagging. 4 from 14 on the free throw line did nothing to assist saints in their hoped for comeback as the hosts gradually added to their lead. The game was virtually over with five minutes to go when some excellent 3 point shooting from the Tenterden gave them a final win of 69-62. With Richard Goss returning as B Team coach and a competitive game in all, Saints were not too down hearted. Saints scorers L Andrews 8, I Atkins 7, G Atkins 6, M Bushell 10, W Cotton 2, J Cullum 15, P Major 8, P Gordon 6,     


Saints 86 Bromley A 68

Medway League 17/10/2010 Venue: Folkestone Sports Centre

Saints v Bromley

1st Quarter

Four games in to the Medway season Saints are still finding themselves slow off the blocks. After starting the quarter with a quick succession of 7 points from the Bromley visitors, Saints then managed to wrestle back control with a 13 point swing.  Strong defence and rebounding put  Bromley under pressure,  Saints  ended the Quarter deservedly ahead at Saints 22 Bromley 14

2nd Quarter

Saints were quick to score in the first minute of the quarter, but Bromley were determined, not to go down without a fight and stepped up there offence to match Saints Basket for Basket. Saints were starting to see their lead slip away when  2 three pointers from Charlie Thomas and an additional 3 point play courtesy of Simon Taylor dragged them back into the ascendancy. The first half ended Saints 39 Bromley 27

3rd Quarter

Bromley again were quick to start, racking up 6 points without reply. Saints promptly called a Time out and the team went back out again ready and focused.  A rapid response of 8 points from Matt Cullum penetrating the opposition defence, was followed by 2 further 2 points from Taylor and Thomas.

4th Quarter

Folkestone went into the fourth Quarter with confidence  heads held high and spirits up.  Every attempt Bromley made to claw themselves back into the game  was  counteracted with a little extra from the Saints.

 Saints ran out winners, bagging 3 wins out of 4 in their rookie Medway season. Saints 86 Bromley 68


D.Drylie..18,  M.Cullum..15,  C.Thomas..12,  Z.Maasback..10,  S.Thomas..8,  P.Tokarski..7,  J.Cullum..6,     S.Taylor..6,  B.Pattenden..4,  M.Bushell 


Folkestone’s second game in the East Kent league was against Whitstable, who in the past have proven to be a formidable team to play against. A fast paced game was set in the first quarter with both teams seeking a fast break each time they got the ball. Whitstable managed to edge the quarter by 4 with the score at 20-16. The second quarter proved very much the same and by the half Saints were down by 5 at 30-35.

With Saints trying to push for the lead in the second half the tempo was raised and a 7-0 thanks to some great plays from PG Maasbach drew them level at 37 each. Saints were unable to keep hold of the momentum throughout the quarter and were down by 5 at the end with the score at 49-54. The fourth quarter started with 3 quick buckets from Whitstable that gave them a lead of 11 and from then on they never looked liked loosing. 10 points from C.Thomas in the last 3 minutes was not enough for a comeback and Whitstable saw the game out with the final score at 74-66.

C. Thomas 19, Drylie 12, Maasbach 10

Joe Pound


12th Oct

Saints first game in the East Kent League was away to UKC (University of Kent and Canterbury). UKC over the past few years have been a hit and miss team, so Folkestone were eager to see what ort of team they would bring this year. Folkestone started off the game strong with some tough defence and posing as a threat in the post. Both teams appeared evenly matched with the quarter ending 15 a piece. In the second quarter, Saints couldn’t keep up with UKC’s pace allowing the home team to get some easy fast break points. By the half the game was in UKC’s hands as they led by 10 points at 27-37.

Saints third quarter was a mess as UKC played pressure basketball and managed to steal the ball and score an easy bucket almost every time saints were on offense.  UKC’s 15-4 run gave them a lead that Saints knew they could not get from and by the end of the quarter saints were down 21 at 63-42.  As the game was somewhat over the fourth quarter proved a non-contest as such with little passion from both teams. A 22 point win for UKC was deserved and Saints will have to review the problems they had during the game. The final score was 76- 54.

Drylie 18, J. Cullum 16, M. Cullum 14, Pound 4, S.Thomas 4, Kennedy 2, Major, Taylor.


6th Oct

Saints real test came when they were matched away to reigning league champions Sevenoaks Suns. The first quarter was very evenly matched but with Sevenoaks converting 4 from 4 free throws they finished the quarter with a 5 point lead at 21-16. The second quarter saints had managed to keep Sevenoaks away from the free throw line and win the quarter 19- 14 which meant the first half was level at 35 a piece.

The third quarter was very much back and fourth basketball with Folkestone managing to get some easy fast break points. The quarter finished in favor of Sevenoaks at 50-47. Although only 3 points behind, Saints' aggressive play gave Sevenoaks to capitalise from the free throw line. An impressive 13 out of 16 points from the line in the fourth quarter from Sevenoaks ensured a 10 point victory which earned Folkestone their first loss of the season. 75-65 being the final score.

B. Thomas 18, J. Cullum 14, Drylie 7, Hinton 6, S. Thomas 6, Kennedy 4, Bushall 4, Pound 3, M. Cullum 2, Taylor 1, Meston.


29th Sept 2010

After an opening game win, Saints were optimistic and determined to continue their success on the road against Guru Nanak of Gravesend. 

Having turned up with an 11 men squad, Saints were confident of a high tempo game with fresh legs on the bench. The first quarter was tight with both teams evenly matched at 14-13 in favor of Iroquois.

The second quarter proved difficult for Saints when a number of turnovers led to some easy baskets for Iroquois. With Folkestone struggling to match Iroquois scoring they finished the first half trailing by 7 with the score at 34-27.

Frustration with sloppy basketball was evident amongst Saints are they failed to reduce the deficit in the third quarter. Iroquois managed to increase their lead to 9 at the end of the quarter that realistically gave Saints little chance of fighting a comeback.

Folkestone came out in the fourth quarter with a point to prove and within 4 minutes they had gone on an astonishing 11-0 run with the help of 8 points in a row from Matt Cullum. This gave them a 3 point lead, their first in the match. Saints continued to wear their opponents out throughout the quarter and even with a late flourish from Iroquois, Folkestone had turned the game around with a 30 point last quarter to clinch the victory at 76-74.

M. Cullum 15, Drylie 11, Thomas 10, Pound 9, Taylor 9, Meston 8, J. Cullum 5, Hinton 4, Maasbach 3, Bushall 1, Kennedy.


19th September 2010

After a successful season in the East Kent league, Folkestone Saints decided to enter into the first division of the MBA (Medway Basketball Association). Saints knew that if they wanted to perform well this season they needed commitment from all the players, since they haven’t played in the Medway league for 4 years.

Saints opponents, Iroquois (Gravesend), finished mid table last season, so coming into the game Saints knew it wouldn’t be easy. A slow start and poor shooting from both teams was evident with the first quarter ending 6-11 to Iroquois.

The second quarter proved very much the same for Saints as the offense wasn’t on form and they found it difficult to guard Iroquois forwards. At half time Saints had only managed to score 19 points whilst Iroquois had 28 which gave them a commanding 9 point lead to go into the second half with.

Coach Hinton of Folkestone gave his players a thorough team talk in an attempt to stop the opponent’s big men from dominating and for Saints to try to cause more of a threat offensively. Folkestone started the quarter on an 8-0 run thanks to sharp shooting from Simon Taylor and toughness on the defensive end. Saints continued to dominate the quarter and managed to get themselves back into the game by only trailing by 2 at the end of quarter at 42-44.

Saints knew a loss would be unacceptable, so they continued to show their desire to win by running the floor and out pacing their opponents. Ben Thomas’ 11 points in the quarter was the catalyst of Folkestone’s strong last quarter and with 2 minutes to go Saints had turned it around to a 59-52 lead. Mark Hinton sealed the victory with two 3 pointers in short succession. 69-60 was the final score, Saints had managed to wear their opponents down and dominate offensively in the second half to record a deserved first win of the season.

B. Thomas 17, Taylor 16, Hinton 10, Drylie 9, S. Thomas 5, Pound 4, Patterden 4, Tokaraki 2, Earland 2, J. Cullum.