Help with this Website

I need your help to finish and maintain this website.

This is Folkestone Basketball Club's new website.

Although it is now published and available for anyone to see, it is still not quite complete. You may find a few features that don't work yet or some content that is missing; please bear with me, as it does take some time to put together.

If you notice any errors, or would like to have certain features added (or removed) please let me know ( or post a comment below.

It is fairly easy to update the site and all club members are encouraged to contribute. If you would like to access the site, perhaps to add news items, match reports or photos, or to help keep the league tables and statistics up to date, just let me know and I'll show you what to do.

The areas I need particular help with are the Match Reports, Player Profiles, Photos and Videos. If you want to help look after these areas, again please get in touch.

Even if you can't help, I'd appreciate your feedback, even if it's negative: there's nothing more frustrating than doing all this work only to discover nobody is looking at it!